Everyone wants to be the sun to lighten up everyone’s life, but why not be the moon, to brighten in the darkest hour.
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“Well, let’s say that since you were little, you always dreamed of getting a lion. And you wait, and you wait, and you wait, and you wait but the lion doesn’t come. And along comes a giraffe. You can be alone, or you can be with the giraffe."
“I’d wait for the lion.”
“That’s why I worry about you.”

Beginners, 2010


マイルドヤンキー、集めました。 by ma2  [posted with permission]


Aomine from Smokescreen&Sins series ^q^;;;/


Anon asked: Could u ever draw kenma with glasses maybe color #2

Anon asked: Sugawara from Haikyuu with 13?

YEAH ANONS I sure can!

“The lovesick fool. He’d blow away the sun
and moon and all the stars,
as a pastime for his sweetheart.”

Faust, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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People are full of contradictions.
They’re lonely. And then they’re not.
They’re missed.
And then they’re not.

saezuru tori wa habatakanai by Yoneda Kou (via lunarblessings)

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“There is a broken bone in my body. I can’t tell you where it is. The aching is brutal. I peel off my skin to try and find the source, but there is never anything there. Just meat. Just skin. Just blood. Lots of blood. But I’m telling you, there is a broken bone in my body. I think he put it there. I’ve never told anyone this before, but I think he put it there. There is a broken bone in my body and somedays I can’t get out of bed, so I think it’s my legs. Somedays I can’t eat so I think it’s my hands. It’s never where I think it is. I’ve been playing this game for most of my life, but I just keep getting worse. My therapist believes me. I tell her there’s something broken in me and she nods. Scribbles in her notebook. Asks me where and I stand tall. It’s somewhere in this body. My psychiatrist gives me pretty pills to lesson the hurt, but it doesn’t erase the hurt. The hurt is still there. The hurt is still alive, rubbing against me. Soft. Gentle. Innocent. Like it’s my mother caressing me to sleep. Like this is just a bad dream but I keep waking up in it. Feet damp and coughing out water. I learned to swim when I was seven, but the swimming classes never spoke of this kind of drowning. I try to stay on the shallow side but the waves keep pulling me in. The x-rays keep coming out clean. The doctors say I’ve never broken a bone in my life. But maybe it’s not that kind of bone. Maybe it’s a special kind of bone. The bone of innocence. When nothing could crumble your excitement. When you’re six and waiting by the front door for the car headlights to break through the windows and you know daddy’s home. When you’re propped in the neck of the grapefruit tree in your backyard to talk to the boy next door because the thought of him breaking your heart isn’t even a thought. Maybe it’s that kind of bone. When it snaps in half like a wishbone and now you know wishes don’t always come true. At twenty I’m standing in front of the mirror, teaching myself how to say ‘no’ without it sounding like ‘sorry’. My throat is bruised and swollen from all the times I swallowed my own screams. My quiet terrifies me because I know what it is built from. If the doctors can’t find proof that this ache is real, I didn’t come prepared for this kind of war. There has always been something broken in me and how was a child supposed to diagnose it? When the monster has always been in you, how do you not call it anything but your name?”

Nancy Barry, “Story of A Broken Bone”

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“Maybe she was losing her mind. Or maybe… maybe she was finding it.”

Dreams of gods and monsters by Laini Taylor


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