My hands been broken, one too many times, so I'll use my voice, I'll be so fucking rude. Words they always win, but I know I'll lose.

Who is that inside of me?

And silence, like darkness, can be kind; it, too, is a language.

Intimacy, Hanif Kureishi

Tokyo Ghoul - ending cards

hannibal lecter: moodboard 
- requested by @archionblu [insp.]

“In this era, the system determines everyone´s aptitudes and we all have no choice but to live by it and be satisfied with only a happiness forced upon us… as we are unable to make our real dreams come true.”


“There is a line of poetry, a sentence in a fable, a word in an essay, by which my existence is justified; find that line, and immortality is assured.”

Alberto Manguel, The Library at Night (via observando)


by 水上浩介(KosM)

[with permission from artist to repost] 


ウタ | Uta